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Park Rules

These Park Rules form part of your Residential Site Agreement. Failure to adhere to the Park Rules may result in the termination of your tenancy.NSW Fair Trading also have a PDF booklet that outlines laws for Residential Park Living.


    1. No unreasonable noise before 8am after 10pm. All noise to cease by 11pm.

    1. The speed limit of 10kph- walking pace must be adhered to at all times.
    2. Unlicensed drivers are not permitted to drive a vehicle on the park.
    3. Trucks and large vehicles are not permitted to enter the park without prior arrangement.
    4. Unregistered vehicles are not permitted on the park.

    1. No parking on the roadside or edge of any site in the park.
    2. Parking is permitted on the driveway or allocated space on your site.
    3. Visitor’s vehicles are not permitted into the park without prior permission. All visitors to use the Visitors Car Park located at the park entrance unless prior arrangement has been made to park elsewhere.
    4. You may only park or store vehicles that have been nominated on your Residential Tenancy Agreement. All other vehicles must be parked in the storage area provided by park owners and fees will apply. Vehicles parked in storage area must be kept in a clean and tidy condition.

    1. Various centralised garbage collection points are located throughout the park.
    2. Recycling bins (yellow Lid) for all Local Government approved recyclables. Only approved recyclable waste is to be placed in these bins.
    3. Garbage bins (red lid) for all other general waste. Waste such as builders waste, hazardous materials, chemicals, car tyres, motor oil must not be placed in red bins.
    4. All food waste to be wrapped before placing directly into Red bins
    5. The removal of unwanted household or personal items, excess packaging or cartons and building material is the resident’s responsibility and these items must not be placed in park garbage bins. Large waste is to be disposed of through the Local Government approved tip or recycling station. See office for Local Government waste management facility fees and charges.
    6. All garden waste, pruning, clippings and weeds can be placed at Green Waste provided at the Northern end of the park.
    7. No rubbish, garden waste or building materials is to be left on roadways or vacant sites.
  5. PETS

    1. Small well behaved desexed dogs are allowed to be kept in the park with the prior written approval of the park owner.
    2. Pets are not permitted in pool/spa/sauna areas, playground or jumping pillow, in amenities block, reception, camp kitchen or games room.
    3. Permission to keep a dog can be revoked. You must clean up after your dog immediately
    4. The pet’s details must be recorded in the Site Agreement under schedule “c” prior to being brought into the park.
    5. All dogs are to be on a lead when outside the resident’s premises or outside the resident’s fenced site.
    6. A bird is permitted with the park owner’s prior written approval and must be caged at all times.
    7. Cats are not allowed in the park.
    8. Visitors’ pets are not allowed in the park.

    1. Helmets MUST be worn by children and adults at all times.
    2. Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades and other recreational equipment must not be used in a manner which endangers people or property or disturbs the quiet relaxation of residents
    3. No riding on pathways around amenities/laundry block and camp kitchen & BBQ areas and games room.
    4. Rules for all areas of recreation must be adhered to.

    1. Adherence to rules in regards to the use of all of the parks facilities.
    2. Residents have the use of Games Room, Camp Kitchen, Barbecues, Playground, Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Spa (fee), Sauna (fee), Driving Range (fee) and Kayak Hire (fee).
    3. Charges apply to all visitors and guests for the use of park facilities- spa, sauna, & swimming pool, playground, camp kitchen & BBQ’s, games room, jumping pillow, fishing jetty & golf driving range. All visitors and guests must pay visitor fees at the office before use.
    4. Glass containers / bottles and drinking glasses are not permitted in Pool/Spa areas.
    5. Approval for private function use of the Games Room, Camp Kitchen or other park facilities will be granted whenever possible on a written request outlining the purpose of the function, the person responsible, who will be attending and the times the room/facility will be required from set up to clean up.
    6. Permission for private function use is granted on condition that the facility is left clean and tidy, all park property returned to its normal storage or usage location and all garbage removed to the waste bins at park entrance.

    1. All Maintenance standards for moveable dwellings must Support the orderly development, aesthetic attributes, amenity and general safety of the Nambucca River Village of the residential park.
    2. All residents must keep their dwelling in good repair.
    3. All activities within the park are governed by strict Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) laws and we and all guests and residents of the park, are bound to conform. No resident or guest can interfere with management’s requirements to comply with OHS law and must comply with any lawful direction given under the OHS law.
    4. No external work of any type may commence without prior written notice to Park Owners of all work to be carried out, and written approval granted from Park Owners.
    5. Any work on the site must be carried out by licensed qualified tradespersons with appropriate insurance cover. All licenses, registration and insurance details for ANY person undertaking ANY work must be lodged at the office prior to work commencing.
    6. All sites, moveable dwelling and associated structures including but not limited to, garden sheds and carports must be well maintained and kept clean and tidy.
    7. Nothing is to be stored on, around or under your dwelling, carport, veranda or any associated structure. The accumulation of material around the site and dwelling is not permitted.
    8. Exterior walls and trims of all structures are to be kept in a clean and tidy manner.
    9. Flammable materials in excess of domestic quantities must not be stored on the site or in the dwelling.
    10. All work must be completed in a timely manner.
    11. Tradespersons vehicles must park where directed or in the Visitors Car Park.

    1. Storage for motor vehicles, boats, trailers, caravans and any other vehicle is available in the Storage Area located within the Park. Fees apply. Vehicles MUST NOT be parked in storage area without approval of park management and the relevant fees paid.
    2. NO mechanical repairs (other than normal upkeep) to any vehicle are to be undertaken within the park grounds. Acceptable normal upkeep on a motor vehicle includes – Washing, cleaning upholstery, changing wiper blades, filling radiator, checking oil levels, inflate tyres, exchanging a flat tyre with the spare tyre. Clarification in writing to be sought for any other item.
    3. Washing of vehicles must not be carried out on roadways. Please use your own site or car wash bay located at the park entrance.

    1. All lawns and edges within your site are to be kept tidy and regularly maintained by the resident.
    2. Prior to work commencing, the placement and size of any garden must be approved in writing by the park owner. A layout of the proposed garden and plants are to be submitted
    3. Vegetable and /or flower gardens may be established and must be kept neat and tidy.
    4. Gardens are not to become overgrown or invasive.
    5. All dropped or rotting fruit must be disposed of appropriately. Do not place rotting matter directly into waste bins.
    6. Plants and gas bottles must not obstruct access to the water and electricity meters.
    7. Trees or shrubs planted are to be kept tidy and controllable. Permission must be sought from park owners before any large trees or shrubs are planted.
    8. No noxious or nuisance plants may be planted.

    1. Clotheslines are located near the amenities and are provided for residents use.
    2. Temporary clotheslines are not to be erected
    3. A permanent clothesline may be installed following Park Owner’s prior written approval.

    1. The driving of registered vehicles and authorized vehicles in accordance of RTA road rules.
    2. Mobility scooters are to be ridden by authorized users only.
    3. Persons are not permitted to travel in the back of utes/trailers or in boats that are being towed.
    4. No driving while under the influence of alcohol.

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